Call Of Duty: Battle Of The Activision Logo [Update]

The courtroom drama unfolding over the Call of Duty franchise is in many ways big, and important, and heavy, but it's not entirely without petty crap. Take Modern Warfare 2's use (or, not) of the Activision logo, for example.


Seems that while a wrangle was going on behind the scenes prior to Modern Warfare 2's release, Infinity Ward decided to go and release the game without an Activision logo present. It's on the box, yeah, but not the actual game. Go on, fire up a copy, see if you can spot an Activision logo either while its booting up, or during the intro sequence.

Even when Activision specifically requested for it to be included, as is the case with just about every other game ever released, Infinity Ward refused, instead only mentioning the company responsible for manufacturing and promoting the game in some small print.

So take sides in this battle all you want, just remember: when things get this petty, nobody comes out looking good.


UPDATE - Reader shaberaven points out something even sadder: if you watch the game's closing credits, below, you'll notice that Infinity Ward's shout-outs last for 5:12. Activision's, while admittedly a shorter list, are sped past the screen at a furious 45 seconds, so quick that if you wanted to read them properly you'd have to mash on the pause button.

Which is a little sad. Hating Activision head command is one thing, but the QA testers and marketing folks deserve better treatment than that.

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