Call Of Duty 4 Double XP Weekend Imminent

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Infinity Ward Director of Communications / Community Manager Robert Bowling reveals in his IAMfourzerotwo blog that he is currently readying promotional materials for a big Call of Duty 4 event taking place next weekend over Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. In his post he drops those two little words that CoD players (mainly those of us that suck) love to hear: Double XP.

I'm currently working on getting everything organized and together for an upcoming Xbox Live / PSN promotion we have coming up the weekend of Sept. 13th - 14th. Which isn't this weekend, but next weekend. I will have exact details on what it is in the near future but I have a gut feeling it'll have Double XP attached to it for all those hungry for some power-leveling on Call of Duty 4.


Bowling further explained that he is hoping to get the new playlists finished in time to make it one big promotion. Woot! Double XP Is Imminent [IAMfourzerotwo]

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Interesting how if its a CoD4 post lots of people are talking tactics, playstyles, map preferences etc, whereas if its about Halo 3 its people badmouthing the game/console.

Maybe it has something to do with CoD4 being multi-platform?

Just interesting comparison is all.