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By Odin's Beard, The Thor Game Looks A Lot Like Diablo

The first trailer for the official game for Thor: We Might As Well Make A Sequel is here, and I'm getting a definite Diablo vibe off it. Looks like Thor is a whirlwind Barbarian.


Thor: The Dark World, coming this November to smartphones and tablets, is a Gameloft creation, and Gameloft of course makes the Dungeon Hunter series, which is basically mobile Diablo anyway.

I'm all for it. Thor could do a lot worse.

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I love that all the shitty licensed movie games are now on iOS because all the kids from the slow reading-group who play shitty licensed movie games prefer their shitty games to be shitty iOS games, because they can't remember which actions controller buttons or hotkeys map to, and would rather just jab randomly at the fucking screen with their disgusting, fat greasy fingers. And also, they don't like to spend money in lump sums, preferring numerous presses of the "pay $0.99" button to a single credit-card swipe at point-of-sale.

I can see the logic of this position. Imean seriously, y'all: Why pay sixty dollars for a real game when I can spend that same money on microtransactions in ten different shitty Gameloft Thor games on iOS, plus that Dark Knight Rises game where the underground prison in Bane-istan was redesigned to look more like the developer's existing library of warehouse-themed art assets?