By 2011, You Will Be Sick Of Nolan North

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Don't know who Nolan North is? Play Uncharted. Or Prince of Persia. Or Halo Wars, Lost Planet, or Assassin's Creed. He's without a doubt the most recognisable voice actor in video games today, and in 2010, he will be busy.

In an interview with Gamepro, North says 2010 "is gonna be a busy year", with work to be done on not only new Uncharted and Assassin's Creed games (he plays the heroes Nathan Drake and Desmond Miles, respectively), but "a couple of other big premiers that are still unannounced".

Great. Look, no offence to North, who is a talented man, but publishers really need to stop hiring this guy. Seems every game I play these days has him in there somewhere, and as soon as I hear him, I'm yanked out of the experience, because all I can think about is Nathan Drake, then all I can think is "man, I'm getting sick of hearing this guy's voice in every single game I play".


I mean, I was playing World in Conflict last week, and he even managed to turn up in that. World in Conflict!

The man behind Nathan Drake: I "get paid to do what used to get me detention" [GamePro]

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I'm going to have to agree, I liked him as nathan drake, and Even as Desmond Miles, but all these other games he's in is driving me mad, because it's either a knockoff of Nathan Drake or desmond miles. He's only got the two voices. really, he's even in Dark void. the moment I heard his voice in the demo I shut it off and deleted it. THAT's how sick I am of hearing him.

I like a little variety in my games. that INCLUDES voice acting.

I mean Mark Hamil's recognizable as a voice actor, but he's not in EVERY game. the only two I can think of off the top of my head are Batman Arkham Asylum(which needs him) and Darksiders (as Navi).

Nolan North, you may like the money. but if this keeps up, nobody will hire you because everyone will be sick of you. You're talented, so don't make the mistake of over saturating yourself.