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Buy Yourself A Better City Of Heroes Mutant

Illustration for article titled Buy Yourself A Better City Of Heroes Mutant

If you've ever wished your City of Heroes mutant character could mutate just a little bit more, now's your chance, as Paragon Studios unleashes Super Booster V: Mutant on the NCsoft online store.


For those of you who've not been paying attention lately, like myself, NCsoft and Paragon Studios have been slowly releasing new paid content for City of Heroes in the form of booster packs. Aimed at a specific origin type - Superscience, Magic, Cyborg, and Martial Arts are already available - each pack features new powers, costume options, and emotes aimed at deepening your experience in the game.

The Mutant booster, available now for $9.99, gives players the option of donning the new bioluminescent and organic armor costume sets, complete with weird attachments that turn you into something definitely more than human.


It's also packed with two exclusive emotes, three costume change emotes, and a new Secondary Mutation power, which normally manifests itself as a random buff.

The booster packs present an interesting way to customize your character outside of the normal game. Of course they'd be more tempting if City of Heroes was a free-to-play, microtransaction based MMO, but we're taking baby steps here.

Check out this booster and others at the NCsoft online store.

Illustration for article titled Buy Yourself A Better City Of Heroes Mutant

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Is it just me, or does the blue mutant chick in the screenshot look suspiciously like Kerrigan...