Buy Warhammer 40K Stuff, It's for a Good Cause

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The Brian Wood Memorial Trust, set up to assist the family of a Relic developer killed tragically in a car accident last year, is raising funds this month with some great Warhammer 40K swag.


With the studio having just wrapped up work on Space Marine, they're auctioning off a range of memorabilia that includes signed copies of the game, consoles, shirts, giant posters and more.


The proceeds raised will go to a memorial for Wood, which will be in the form of a park bench in North Vancouver, which is where his wife and daughter live.

You can see the items up for grabs at the link below.

Relic Entertainment [eBay, via GameSniped]

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For that matter, the entirety of Space Marine is dedicated to Mr. Wood. The Emperor Himself would be proud of what Relic is doing for his family and in his memory...