One Of The Last Wii Games Comes With A Free Wii U Upgrade

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One of only two games left to be released on Nintendo's last-gen console, Skylanders: Trap Team for the Wii is hedging its bets, including a download code for the Wii U version of the game in every box.


The news comes from a tweet from the game's official account way back on July 23 (via Gamespot).


Skylanders toys are universal — generally it's the portals used to inject the toys into the game world that vary between systems, and since the Wii and Wii U were designed to use many of the same peripherals, there you go.

As an added bonus, retailers will be quicker to discount the regular Wii version of the starter kit from its $75 asking price, eventually making it a back door bargain for Wii U owners.

I wonder if Ubisoft will offer similar console death insurance on October's Just Dance 2015?

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So, tell me something... is Skylanders good? I've only played a demo of it in the store and thought it seemed to be a pretty by-the-numbers platformer (not necessarily a bad thing, mind you!). What's the general consensus?

Is it something I should be getting my 6 year old nephew?