I'm referring of course to indie group Mode 7's upcoming Frozen Endzone, which can now be tried by anyone who's willing to give the developers a vote of confidence by way of a pre-order.

The game looks pretty much the same as it did at the time of its official announcement in March, only this time, you actually get to play the damn thing—provided you pick one of the many pre-order tiers featured on the game's website. At the cheapest tier, it's $25 for two game keys, which both give access to the current beta, and eventually nets you (and a friend, loved one, etc.) the full game.


Of course, you could also pay $5000 to name and give your likeness to an important in-game NPC, if that's your thing. Regardless, Frozen Endzone arrives on PC next year. As for whether you should pre-order—take a look at the trailer above to decide.

Frozen Endzone | Purchase [Official Site]

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