Buy Groceries, Play Atari, Both In 2008

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Koppa's Farwell Foods are onto a novel idea. Sell groceries, but sell them in style, with not only an "out of this world" sandwich bar tucked away in the shop, but an Atari display that can only be described as museum-like in its attention to detail and historical authenticity. I mean, not only do you actually get to sit down and play real Atari games on a real Atari, but look at that wallpaper!

[via technabob]

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I registered just because I saw this story - Koppa's is about three blocks from our house and we eat there pretty regularly. Probably one of the coolest grocery stores and deli's I've ever seen - and definitely someplace I'd recommend anyone hitting up Milwaukee try out.

Amazing little place - was stoked to see you guys post about it.