Buy A Wii Controller That Looks Like A SNES Pad

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Last year, Club Nintendo members in Japan were treated something special. They could get a Wii controller that looked like a SNES pad. Well, thanks to the wonders of global commerce, now you can too!


Yes, what was once the domain of Japanese fanboys and cashed-up import fiends is now yours to enjoy for the "modest" price of $75, courtesy of online retailer Play-Asia. Which may sound like a lot, but remember. This is a Wii Classic Controller that looks exactly like a SNES pad.

Super Famicom Classic Controller [Club Nintendo Limited Edition] [Play-Asia]



Does anyone from Japan know if you can play the Wii Smash Bros. Brawl with this controller? I'm in Osaka right now and was about to buy one of these the other day for ¥3000, but I wanted to know if the D-pad functionality replaced any of the analog control, or if I'd be doing taunts all day if I tried to play Brawl with it.