To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: Thanks Japanese TV For Making Me Feel Old


Why do they call them butterflies in your stomach? That's crazy, wouldn't butterflies feel like little kisses, not a sack of squirming worms?

I'm slightly, every so slightly nervous about Tristan's upcoming summer camp adventures. He leaves on Sunday to fly to Missouri where he will be met by camp counselors. He's spending a week at a science camp studying things like veterinary science and helping to take care of exotic animals.


But more importantly, it's an entire week in a cabin, in anther state, away from us. I know he's 9, but it's got me a bit freaked out.

We're flying there the day before E3 starts to pick him up and check out the camp.

(Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. Forget everything you learned as a police reporter.)

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