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But Will There Be No More No More Heroes?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

"I originally didn't want to make another No More Heroes," says game designer Goichi Suda. The game was supposed to be a one off dealio, but when the title did well, sequels do happen.

"It's not just that," Suda explains. "I wanted to revisit Travis Touchdown. I wanted to write the continuation of his story." NMH lead hero Travis Touchdown is joined by more characters and boss battles this go round in No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. The title has been in development for about a year and a half and is shooting for an early 2010 release.


"Right now, I don't think I'll make another one, though," says Suda. "This game does wrap up Travis' story nicely." But so many movies are in trilogies — a point that movie buff Suda is quick to concede.

With the advent of Sony's new wand-like motion controls, it would not be a stretch to see something like No More Heroes ported over to the PS3. "I'm not playing platform favorites," says Suda. "For me, No More Heroes is about two handed controls — the way you play. But I do very much think of the game as being a Wii title."