But What Does a Stripper Think About Hitman's Stripper Nuns?

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Hitman: Absolution's "Saints", a troupe of stripper nuns, aren't actually in the game for long, but they'll forever live in infamy for their appearance in a rather silly pre-release trailer for the game.


But hey, who were gamers to criticise the clip, when so few of us were actually strippers! For all we know, it could have been a totally accurate representation of a deadly demographic.

To settle this once and for all, Forbes' Carol Pinchefsky follows on from her awesome Prometheus interviews (asking real scientists about the flick's awful science) by sitting down with "Athena" for a light-hearted chat with a former stripper to get her thoughts on the characters.

Forbes: These women are called "the Saints" because they also happen to be Christians.

Athena: That doesn't seem very plausible. I don't understand why strippers would seriously become assassins, especially if they are Christians. I mean…what kind of Christians are they? Are they Republicans?

The joking comes to an end as the interview progresses, however, when the pair look a little more closely at why it was OK for "normal" women to be portrayed sensibly in the game, but why it was then OK to go bananas with the strippers, when as Athena points out most women working in the field are "single mothers and college students".

It's a good read, if only because it's pretty far removed from what you'd normally expect for an interview about a just-released game.


A Stripper Reviews the Saints of 'Hitmen: Absolution' [Forbes]


My Little Metroid

Weird how there's 7 white girls and one token black chick. At least they let her have the RPG launcher.