A recent report from Europe indicated that PlayStation Home was no longer a Sony priority. I checked with the U.S. office where a different tune is being sung. In the grand, Kotaku-Sony-Home tradition, let's reprint their e-mail response in full.

This is from Jack Buser, director of PlayStation Home in the U.S. in response to my query about Sony Computer Entertainment of America's take on the comment from the Sony exec in Europe who was quoted as saying Home was "not a priority":

Hi Stephen,

Thanks so much for following up on this. You guys & gals at Kotaku are great for exactly this reason.

I can assure you that Home is absolutely a priority for the PlayStation 3, PSN, and SCEA. As the Kotaku team have covered in depth, there continues to be massive and rapid growth of Home across the board.

It hasn't even been a year since we launched, and already we have over 50 public and private spaces to visit, over 1000 rewards and virtual items, and have hosted more than 200 events and parties in SCEA alone. We've had friendships founded, marriages performed, disabilities overcome, community rallies for important causes like Breast Cancer Awareness and 911 remembrance; as well as the less serious moments like Horror Bowling tournaments, epic battles between Hamsters and Humans, zombie revolutions, and tons of celebrity and developer appearances. Literally thousands of important and memorable personal events occur in Home every day, making this a platform an important milestone in the evolution of gaming, and unlike anything else the world has ever seen.

To illustrate how fast we are growing, in the last month, we've launched spaces for Uncharted 2, Ratchet and Clank, Street Fighter 4, Motorstorm Tekken, Pixel Junk, the Neptune's Suite, an updated Central Plaza, as well as the 1.3 client, making universal game launching a reality. Needless to say, the SCEA Home team is made up of a very passionate group of developers and community managers, and we never rest. Home's growth and success is a huge priority for us from a business standpoint, a platform standpoint, a community standpoint, as well as a personal standpoint. Everyone on the team is a heavy user of Home, and we love and use it ourselves nearly every day!

Oh, and tonight, be sure to check out our huge "Undead Yourself" party, as there will be a massive zombie revolution in Home that you won't want to miss! Check it out here: www.undeadyourself.com

Stephen, thank you again for following up on this and giving us a chance to set the record straight. It really illustrates the quality of Kotaku reporting, and is the reason why I personally read your site every day. Oh, and I love the Kotaku talk radio podcast as well. Keep it up!


Jack & the SCEA Home team

Hey, it's not easy to butter me up, but when you compliment our podcast... that does the trick.