But is the Wii U Powerful? Check Out the Tech Demo and See for Yourself

Here's the tech demo Nintendo used during its E3 2011 press conference to demonstrate the graphical power of the Wii U. The video is a bit low-res, but it gets the point across. I'm impressed.


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Can anyone remember when it was still the "bits" era? As great as technology is, I think many gamers are spoiled and expect too much. Why is it always about the graphics now? Personally I have always prefered game play and story over graphics. I always hear about people complaining about how something looks as if seeing the oils and blood veins on someone's face is going to change the fact that the game play, camera view, and story are terrible. It's times like these I feel like when I grow old I'm going to be one of those old people that say "back in my day..."