But, How Did Capcom Do? Pretty Good.

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Osaka-based game maker Capcom released its financial earnings for the April - June period.


According to Capcom, "Lucrative titles, led by Resident Evil 5, helped lift earnings." Compared with the same quarter last year, net sales were up 36 percent for home video games and operating income was up 32.5 percent.

Impressive in this economy, no doubt!

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Rachel Fogg

YEA! That's great news! I love Capcom and I love RE5 so much, it was so fun playing with my brother and I didn't suck at it either!

Now Capcom, I know you're in the habit of killing franchises but can you be a super peach and NOT kill DMC? I didn't think it could get worse then 2 and then I played 4.

If it wasn't for the deep fountain of love I have for Johnny Young Bosch...


So please Capcom, make DMC5 good, please..? Whoever did DMC3, yeah, bring that person back.