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But Does Resident Evil 5 Look Better Than Polar Express, Beowulf?

Resident Evil 5 looks great. Jaw-dropping. Eye-popping, even. Ken Lally, who did motion capture work for RE character Albert Wesker, is very impressed with how the look of the game has turned out. Lally even thinks that the game looks better than big budget, CG flicks:

It just looks so cool. It’s better than any motion capture movie I’ve ever seen, like Polar Express or Beowulf. I mean, just the design and the concept of lighting, even though it’s computer generated, the world itself is so unique and so dangerous. It’s shocking how unique it is. I would want to play the games just to immerse myself into that world.

Even if RE5 does not look better than those movies, the gap is certainly closing. Interview with Ken Lally, the Wesker motion capturer for RE5 [RE Horror Thanks, Japan_Time!]


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