To: Crecente From: Bashcraft WELCOME BACK. Holy crap, I am tired. Woke up at 5am this morning, hopped on a bullet train, interviewed someone for a magazine article, had my photo taken, hopped right back on the bullet train, arrived back at Shin-Osaka Station, went to Mini-Bash's soccer practice, took wife to the doctor's for an ultrasound, bought strawberry cough syrup for Mini-Bash (he's got a cough) and arrived back home in time to start blogging. The baby looks healthy and happy according to the ultrasound — good news, good news. Though, once that kid is born, I know, just know that I'm always going to be tired until he gets on a semi-regular sleeping schedule... My drool pillow awaits! What you missed last night Japanese Schoolgirl Practices At Arcade, Almost Kills Man With Car The Chrono Trigger Marriage Proposal Hacks Do You Hate Star Wars Yet? First Dragonball Movie Review: "Not A Disaster" Even Germany's Box Art Is Censored Now We've Hit Our Metal Gear Solid Cosplay Quota


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