Xbox Live Marketplace accidentally received extra Burnout Paradise downloadable content this morning, revealing details on the upcoming Toy Car and Boost Specials packs that Criterion didn't want you to know yet.

Both packs appeared and then disappeared early this morning, not allowing gamers to purchase them but definitely allowing us to read about them, listing the as of yet undisclosed vehicles in two of Criterion's upcoming downloadable content add-ons for the popular racer. Only five vehicles have been shown in the Toy Car collection, with eight total listed this morning on Xbox Live, along with the secret second car in the Boost Specials pack of high performance cars.

Joining the previously announced Carson Extreme Hotrod in the Boost Specials pack will be the Hawker Mech 400, an extremely tunable car that can be adjusted to drive the way you like.

The full line up of Toy Cars consists of seven cars and one tiny motorcycle, which should be an absolute blast to play. Here's the list:

Hunter Takedown
Carson GT Concept
Hunter Citizen
Carson Inferno Van
Jansen P12
Krieger WTR
Hunter Manhattan
Nakamura Firehawk


While prices for the vehicles in both packs is most likely subject to change, each Toy Car was listed at 160 Microsoft Points except for the Firehawk, which carried a 240 point price and the entire collection listed at 1,000. The Boost Specials pack listed at 400.

We've contacted Criterion for comment on this rather large mistake on someone's part. In the meantime, start saving up your downloadable game currency of choice...things are going to be getting expensive.

Update: Several readers have emailed us to let us know that they actually were able to download the packs before they were pulled, with the downloaded vehicles working just fine for them. Hopefully this means the additional packs will see a full release soon for those of us who just weren't fast enough.