Burnout Paradise PC In Ultra Widescreen

The folks over at Criterion may have just announced Burnout Paradise for the PC, but they've obviously been screwing around with it for awhile. This afternoon on their official blog they've posted some soundless footage of the PC version running at a completely ridiculous 3840 x 1200. This right here is the heart of PC gaming folks. Being able to add-on equipment and tweak things about until you create something that makes you completely nauseous just by watching it. Hit the link to download a higher quality version of the clip to get the full effect.

Burnout Paradise Ultra Widescreen PC Footage [Criterion Games]

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@baccardi84: You actually believe that?

As an owner of 7 consoles, 3 handhelds and 3 gaming pc`s i can confidently say you are wrong.

"Many people prefer sitting/laying on their couch watching a big screen tv"...I can and do play both on my large screen tv (with my pc) and on my 22" monitor.The tv sits level with my desk side by side with my pc monitor, its on a wall mount and ive a nice comfy lounge chair nearby thanks! Snes,nes and ,megadrive games are very nice like this with improved rendering and smoothing of graphics that my pc implements. all at the click of a wireless 360 controller button.Mame is nice too plus quite a few others.

"Many people prefer popping in a disc and just playing, rather than installing, patching, resolving conflicts and other errors"...Ive news for you, you install only once and i dont even need to pop a disk in at all 99% of the time.Resolving conflicts and other errors? hmm i honestly cant remember the last error or confilct i had on my pc because i actually know what the fuck im doing.GTA IV on my console however? :P

"Many people prefer value for money"... Indeed, and this is why i like pc gaming.Games at 50%or less than the price of their console counterparts that look and play faster ,smoother and at higher res with far better textures and draw distance, FREE mods and downloadable content that extend a games life many fold,making my own mods for fun and to improve gameplay or realism,free online play that lets ME choose which server i play on.

"Many people prefer the quantity and quality of console titles that never get on the PC"...Name these fabled games you speak of.The only one i can think of is crackdown.That would be nice but hey i gotta make some sacrifices eh? I think i`ll live.

"also, piracy really hurts the PC" Yes and many console games are freely available too if i wanted them.Hurts them too?

Your last point of GTA4 not being available on pc YET? Well i have GTA4 thanks on my ps3 and i`ll buy it again if/when it comes out on pc because i know it will be better.Also see the crackdown comment above.

Pc gaming make consoles look like a bad compromise and thats all they are.If you dont believe that then your kidding yourself.Sure i own some consoles but they are left by the wayside 90% of the time just gathering dust and some consoles out there arent even fit for those duties.