Burnout Paradise Getting PS3 Trophy Support (Someday)

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The confirmed list of Trophy-ready PlayStation 3 games may not blow your hair back, but at least one more third-party title is pledging support for the 2.40 firmware feature - Burnout Paradise. Simon Phipps, designer at Criterion Games, writes on the PlayStation.blog that Trophies are coming, but not in the Codename: Cagney update.

Best part? "Trophies will be retroactive, so, if you've achieved something today, the day the update arrives (not Cagney, we want to emphasise) that will be reflected in your Trophies," Phipps writes in the posts comments. Nice!


Trophies, Timed Challenges for Burnout Paradise [PlayStation.blog - thanks, Tw3nty0ne!]

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Im kinda glad that game trophies aren't going to be retroactive on most games... besides the cheating element (which would piss me off more than having to replay the same old games) it gives me an excuse to pick up and dust off games that Id otherwise probably not play again for a long time... and hey, I might finally start playing team fortress if they patch orange box to include trophies!

I can picture a few games going retroactive... Resistance fall of man had accomplishments, and they where saved to the system, not the save file, so perhaps they'll be activated, if not, I don't mind doing them again!

think back to the good old days... how many times did you play through metal gear solid? zelda? final fantasy? quake? you didnt need the justification of achievement points to validate your multiple playthroughs.... stop being so commercially minded, people!