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Burnout Paradise Finally Getting Paid DLC

Illustration for article titled Burnout Paradise Finally Getting Paid DLC

After pampering us for the past year with huge chunks of free downloadable content, Burnout Paradise developer Criterion is finally ready to reach into our wallets again with Big Surf Island.


Big Shot Island is a huge new playground for Burnout Paradise, with an emphasis on huge jumps and plenty of opportunities to wreck your vehicles in creative ways. Originally slated to be free DLC, that has since changed. Why?

Big Surf is the culmination of everything we learned creating Paradise City, and we want it to bring you a truly spectacular new experience – the highlight of a year of incredible premium content. Burnout already delivers incredible value for money – literally hundreds of hours of gameplay with your original disk or PSN purchase, plus more with the free Cagney Pack and free Burnout Paradise Bikes.


I say thank goodness. They were giving us so much free stuff I was pretty sure we were going to have to sleep with them sooner or later.

Welcome to Big Surf Island! [Criterion Blog via Eurogamer]

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Traded in Burnout Paradise for Midnight Club: LA. I'm so glad I did. All I need now is a next gen Extreme-G .