Burnout Paradise 360 Bogart Resurfaces

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Well that was certainly one hell of a long week. After Criterion recalled the Bogart patch for Burnout Paradise on the Xbox 360 due to the update causing frame rate issues with the game, the suggested somewhat wishfully that the fixed version would be available the following week. The process wound up taking a bit longer than expected after they submitted it to Microsoft on April 29th, but now it's finally online and working fine. Once again, Bogart is pretty much the patching and bug-fixing update that lays the foundation for the upcoming Cagney, Davis, and Eastwood content packs, which introduce new game modes, motorcycles, and a host of other nifty features to the game.


360 Bogart is online now! [Criterion]

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@GoKeithGo: I do. It meant that if you got a buggy console game, you were stuck with it. Frankly, I am glad console games can be patched like PC games (no, we won't want a console version of Battlecruiser 3000 ^_^).