The undead burst into flames this month, as Doublesix announces a March 26th release date for their PlayStation Network exclusive shooter, Burn Zombie Burn!

Rack them up and knock them down. That's the core strategy behind Burn Zombie Burn! - gather together as many zombies as possible, killing them en mass, amassing the highest score possible in the process. It's classic arcade action with a shiny new coat of paint, like Robotron with zombies. Zombietron. Something like that.


Doublesix is pulling out all the stops for the game's release, with high score and trophy competitions in which players can win a horror-themed holiday, framer Burn Zombie Burn! artwork, and limited-edition t-shirts. They've also got downloadable content on tap, with a strategy guide, an 8-page comic, and music tracks from the game ready to go up on the PlayStation Store once the game hits later this month.

Check out the official game website for trailers, screens, and other Burn Zombie Burn! related goodness.

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