To: Fahey From: Bashcraft RE: Happy Stan Bush Monday Fahey! How are you? I, I am fine. Yesterday we ate delicious burgers in Shibuya. Man, I love hamburgers. Though, no photos. And no photos, so it didn't happen. Bummer. What you missed last night A 'Left 4 Dead' LEGO Zombie Apocalypse In Pictures MadWorld Still Not Playable (in the US, at least) The Conduit – Still Going Strong Silicon Knights Lays Off 25 to 30 Boingz: The Game Where You Play As A Condom EA's Grasshopper Manufacture Game Is Totally Using UE3 LittleBigPlanet Can Do Your Math Homework Second Expansion Pack Coming To Metal Gear Online Let's Namco Bandai Headquarters Visit! See The God Of War/LittleBigPlanet Level, Costumes DSi Games Are Region Locked