Burger King, You're Doing Cheeseburgers Wrong

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Last I checked, the cheese for cheeseburgers goes inside the burger, not slathered on top. These, however, aren't typical cheeseburgers. They're fondue burgers. Oh.


Get News reports that the Beef Fondue and Chicken Fondue burgers will be available at Burger King restaurants in Japan for a limited time early next year. The dipping fondue sauce is made from several kinds of cheese and cooked with white wine. That sounds kind of good, actually.

Still! These promotional photos look, I dunno, not very appetizing. Maybe the actual meal is better? But for now, Burger King, just put the cheese in the burger, not on the burger.

ソースをディップして食べる!? [GetNews]

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No Brian, this is burgers done right. Why go short on the cheese just because society dictates less? Free yourself from the shackles brother and take your place among the truly blessed.