Burger King Returns To The 360, This Time For Kinect

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Burker King's cheap 360 games a few years back were a surprise success. Now that Kinect is due in stores for the holiday season, the food giant wants to take a second bite of the Xbox market.


While exact details on the style or number of games aren't being disclosed until later in the year, Burger King's chief marketing officer Mike Kappitt says, "Our first endeavor with Xbox 360 took the gaming world by storm, so we couldn't pass up the chance to come together on another cutting-edge program."


"During this year's promotion, our guests can look forward to an even greater adventure that will stimulate the imaginations of gamers and entertainment-lovers of all shapes and sizes."

Please please please be a fitness game.

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One could just wait till they in the used game bin for $2 each like I did with the first Burger King games*. For $2 Sneak King and Pocket Bike Racer were fun, anything more then that though...

*Didn't have a 360 when they came out, or else I probably would have snatched them up at the restaurant.