Bungie's Working To Get Rid Of Destiny 2 Cheaters And Make Trials Of Osiris More Rewarding

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It’s been great finally having Destiny’s top-tier competitive activity Trials of Osiris back in the game, but the mode’s return has been marred by stingy prizes and thousands of cheaters. Bungie now says it’s working on addressing both of these shortcomings.


“Cheating in Destiny 2 is up roughly 50 percent since January, and significantly more in the highest skill echelons,” wrote engineering director David Aldridge in Bungie’s weekly blog post. While DDOS attacks are nearly non-existent on PC, problems like aimbotting and wall glitches persist. “Before Season of the Worthy launched, we were averaging 656 bans or restrictions per week,” Aldridge wrote. “In the first four weeks after launch, that rate more than tripled to 2133 punishments per week.”

To fix the uptick in cheating, Bungie is going to shift more people to working its anti-cheat systems and analyzing cheater reports. The studio is also looking at punishing not just those who are caught cheating but anyone who plays alongside them. “If you LFG your way into a fireteam with a cheater, get out and report them,” wrote Aldridge. “If you ride them to a flawless, the Banhammer will come for you as well.”

Trials of Osiris has some deeper structural issues outside of the cheating problem, though. Bungie acknowledged those in the post, laying out a number of changes to how loot gets awarded that will change when Season 11 arrives in June. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Trials passages will pay out tokens at five and seven wins, not just after the first three.
  • There will be a new weekly bounty players can complete to unlock Trials gear even if they can’t get to the three win milestone.
  • Players will get awarded random Masterworking materials at three, five, and seven wins

One question that remains is whether players who finish the weekly Trials bounty will be able to start trading in tokens. Currently, players need to get to three wins before they can spend the tokens they’ve earned, many of which come from bounties that don’t require winning at all. It’s always frustrating every week when your 100 or so tokens expire and you get nothing from Trials despite playing for hours and amassing individual wins. One piece of gear from a single weekly bounty won’t change that.

Early on in Season of the Worthy I was hopeful Trials might be a bright spot in an otherwise disappointing and tedious time in Destiny 2. In a lot of ways it ended up being just as frustrating. June can’t come soon enough.

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I’ve never been a Trials fan, mostly because I don’t play really competitively in any PvP games, I just play them occasionally for fun.

That said, I find it laughable the return of Trials was botched so badly. Especially since they took two years to rework it into basically what it was in D1.

I get that it’s fun to bash Bungie all the time, and I have joined in more than usual over the past year, because I want the game to be better than it is. It’s just Bungie really seem to have no idea what the heck they are doing anymore, or at least what they want to do. D2 got to a great state with the Forsaken expansion, and it’s been mostly a downward spiral ever since.

I just got back into it after months, I left shortly after the menagerie, which was damn good! Bungie just keeps on making the same mistakes over and over. Now that they want to put a time limit on how long we can infuse our hard earned weapons & gear, I think I may just give up completely. As it is now I already play very casually as opposed to being a hardcore player up until shortly after Forsaken. Fans didn’t like sunsetting feature in D1, so why bring it back?

I don’t buy their excuse that making content is hard, of course it’s hard, regardless of what game is being made. However, they put a hell of a lot more time and effort into updating the Eververse than the main game. I’m not even entirely opposed to the Eververse, but yeah I’d like to see it removed.

The point of the Eververse was to help fund smaller content drops. Smaller content drops that we now pay for in the season pass or season à la carte. So what exactly does the Eververse fund now? Not to mention the absurd pricing structure of the Eververse and the fact that Bungie utilizes the old bullshit tactic of pricing their funny money and purchases with said funny money at uneven amounts. You know, so a consumer always has excess funny money that Bungie wants to psychologically push said consumer to spend more because they have just that little bit of extra funny money. That’s a bullshit practice and I damn sure won’t support any company with MTX when they institute it that way. Whereas if a company respects the player and their money I’ll reluctantly spend money on their stores on occasion. Of course I’d like games to be like they used to, but that’s not feasible these days.