Bungie's First Post-Halo Game Coming To All Platforms

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Bungie's ten-year publishing agreement with Activision will bring the next game from the famed-developers of Xbox 360 exclusive Halo, to all platforms.


"Today we are very proud to announce a ground breaking ten year partnership between Bungie, one of the greatest developers in the world and the makers of Halo, with Activision, the number one video game publisher, who will bring the new intellectual property to fans worldwide across all platforms," said Thomas Tippl, Chief Operating Officer of Activision Blizzard.

The deal, termed an "alliance" by both Bungie and Activision executives, took nearly a year to lock down, Tipple said.

"We are always looking at opportunities to bring great games to gamers world wide there are very few studios in the world of the caliber of Bungie, with the track record of making great games that sell," he said. "As such we began discussions with Bungie about nine months ago..."

More details on the news this morning that Bungie has signed a ten-year publishing deal with Activision can be found here.

Harold Ryan, president of Bungie, said the deal will allow the "alliance" to bring their next game and "universe" to the widest audience possible.


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Activision talks with us about the possibility of the Bungie title requiring a subscription and Bungie discusses their thoughts on it coming to the Wii.



Call me ignorant. I just really hope the Halo franchise remains exclusive to Xbox and that's it. Bad enough I already feel betrayed as it is.

Anyone knows the chances of my nightmare becoming true? I need a reason to remain calm.


Now I know how PS3 fanboys felt when MGS was announced for the 360..