Bungie Has Flair For Original Halo PC Gamers

PC gamers who've kicked it old-school with Halo: Combat Evolved will get a nice piece of flair for their armor in Halo: Reach, according to plans Bungie's made to reward loyal gamers.

How it'll be awarded, more or less, is that those who have authenticated a key for Halo: Combat Evolved on a Bungie server sometime before May 26 will be able to use that key to get the flair, whose looks are presently unknown.


Bungie picked May 26 to keep folks from using programs to generate a key and cash in for the flair. So that means you can't run right out now and by Halo: CE just to get the treat. But if you did before May 26, you're good to go.

Halo: Combat Evolved PC Owners To Get a Halo: Reach Treat [Giant Bomb]

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