Bungie "Encouraged", "Excited" By Halo Wars

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Bungie seems excited about the Ensemble-developed Halo Wars. The game is planted firmly in the RTS genre, so, for example, it's not necessary to have players moved in and out of cover. Gushes Bungie AI maven Damian Isla:

We've done a lot of talking with Ensemble guys, and we're all really excited about Halo Wars, because from everything we've seen so far it's a very cool, faithful adaptation... Everything we've seen has been very, very encouraging — we're very excited about it. And of course, [Halo Wars is] also getting right the basics, the general roles — even fictionally. What role do grunts play in the Covenant fighting forces, what role do the Elites play, what role do Warthogs play, what role do Spartans play... All this kind of thing. I think they really nailed that. It's encouraging.


Great news, this.

Bungie "very excited" about Halo Wars [Eurogamer]

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I remember the same was said about FPS games, hell I was one of the main people who said it and now look at how great they play on consoles. It just takes the right developer to get a good standardized control scheme I believe. With that said Im still getting the PC version :3