Bullet Bros Is What Happens When Contra Meets Monty Python

With it's co-op shooting, Bullet Bros initially looks like Contra, or Gunstar Heroes, or any other retro game where two bros go guns blazing into a 2D battlefield. But then you see the tanks. And the grappling hooks. And the piggybacks.


The game's loaded with physics, as you can see in the trailer, and also boasts some pretty 2D art, courtesy of creator is Jason Stokes, who I've featured on Fine Art previously.


Bullet Bros is currently running a Kickstarter. If it doesn't hit its target of $90,000, you're dead to me, internet.

Bullet Bros. [Kickstarter]

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I love it when indies can turn a style of game I don't usually like (side-scrolling shooters) into something that look fun as hell.

So many games try to put in partner maneuvers that feel forced, but this looks fluid and well integrated. I would definitely play this game with a friend.