Building a Better Elise in the New SSX

We've all seen the screenshots of the sleeker, more realistic look EA is giving blonde bombshell Elise Riggs in the new SSX game. Now let's take a look at how she was created, from concept art to modeling her sleeker, more realistic panty line.

When I posted the screenshots of Elise's new SSX look, several commenters wondered what kind of male gamer I was to prefer a fully-clothed woman to one decked out in ridiculously impractical skin-showing finery. I blame the internet, personally. I can see naked women all day long just by tossing random words into Google image search. It's gotten to the point where a woman wearing ski pants is nearly as exciting. Especially when those ski pants fit tight enough to show off underwear impressions.


There, can I please have my membership to the guy's club reinstated now?

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At the end, her face looks a bit too bitchy to be from my country.