Build Your Own Xbox Arcade Controller

If you enjoy fighting games on your Xbox - in particular new versions of classics like MK Vs DCU or SF II With Bells On It HD And A Partridge In A Pear Tree II HD Turbo Turbo (to use the shorter form of the game - the full title is some four paragraphs of close-set type) you may be in the market for a better controller. As the Google Translated (from German) page below would have it "Unfortunately, the D-Pad of the 360 Controller anything other than accurate." Quite, which is where this nifty DIY Arcade controller project comes in. Just grab some resistors, LEDs, a Pizza Hut box (preferably clean) and and 'old' 360 controller and get to work. Don't worry, the person who wrote this is "definitely not a soldering masterly" either. my own Xbox 360 arcade controller [fr3Ak blog, via HackNMod]


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