Build Your Own Xbox Arcade Controller

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If you enjoy fighting games on your Xbox - in particular new versions of classics like MK Vs DCU or SF II With Bells On It HD And A Partridge In A Pear Tree II HD Turbo Turbo (to use the shorter form of the game - the full title is some four paragraphs of close-set type) you may be in the market for a better controller. As the Google Translated (from German) page below would have it "Unfortunately, the D-Pad of the 360 Controller anything other than accurate." Quite, which is where this nifty DIY Arcade controller project comes in. Just grab some resistors, LEDs, a Pizza Hut box (preferably clean) and and 'old' 360 controller and get to work. Don't worry, the person who wrote this is "definitely not a soldering masterly" either. my own Xbox 360 arcade controller [fr3Ak blog, via HackNMod]

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I built my prototype USB arcade stick last year inside the box to a popcorn popper... Then I upgraded to a piece of MDF sitting ontop of an Amazon Japan box... Hehe.

Over this last weekend I finally put a Sanwa stick in it, and it plays like a dream.

Last month, I scored an auction of 2 Sanwa JLF sticks, 14 30mm buttons, and 2 24mm buttons, colors of my choice. $30! Damn good deal.

My next project is to turn the control panel off an MVS cabinet into a 2-player controller for the consolized NEO-GEO hardware I'm building... Possibly housing the board itself, too. (After I get it sandblasted and repaint it, anyway.)

WARNING: The remainder of this comment is only tangentially relevant.

I enjoy emulation and all, and I'd love to play some classic fighters in HD (Though none of the ones I like have been remade) but nothing beats original arcade hardware for the classics. I always thought it would be too expensive to even think about... But in the last month or two, I've spent about $300 and I now have 11 single-slot NEO-GEO MVS boards, a two-slot board, and 12 games. (As well as all the necessary guts to build a cabinet...well, except a monitor.)

I hope KoF XII and Samurai Spirits Sen see PC releases, because I know damn well even the 'bootleg' Taito X2 hardware coming out of China is a little...spendy. ;o (Which is ridiculous when you consider it's just a C2D-based PC running WinXP Embedded.)

If they don't 'port' a retail version of those and SFIV ASAP after release, I imagine someone will crack the crypto or whatever protection they have in place on the arcade version, and then they're proper-fsck'd as far as a large portion of that market goes. (Considering there's already bootleg versions of the SFIV arcade software floating around in Asia, I'd say someone probably already did...)

Anyway, sorry about the tangent.

DIY arcade controller. Mmmm, good.