Build Your Own Dead Space Laser (That Can Actually Burn Stuff)

If you bought the fancy edition of Dead Space 2, you would have got yourself a little replica plasma cutter, one of the game's more memorable weapons. As is, it's useless, but this guy will show you how to turn it into a laser gun. That can set stuff on fire.


You can see the complete how-to in the video above. If you just want to see what the fully armed and operational plasma cutter can do to a balloon and a T-800 holding a pair of matches, skip to around 2:05.

Note: if you're going to actually try this, please heed the warnings in the video. Proper lasers can be dangerous!


[via Super Punch]

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So, hypothetically of course, if you wanted to kill a Necromorph with this thing you'd have to make it stand absolutely still and keep pointing at the same spot for about... a week? I'm not even sure that's enough :P