Build the Dragonborn's Dream House and Raise a Family in Skyrim's Hearthfire

Coming September 4 to the Xbox 360, the latest downloadable content for Skyrim has players purchasing land, planning and building their dream house, moving in their spouse and adopting neighborhood children. This is Hearthfire!

Hearthfire is a name that really could have gone either way. It's could have been an action-packed adventure in which the Dragonborn is tasked with tracking down a serial arsonist. It could have been about a dragon named Hearth.

Or it could be this. This is good too. I've always felt Skyrim could use a little more Fable. The house-building, family-raising content was teased in the Skyrim Game Jam video Bethesda showed back in February, but I never thought it would get its own DLC package.


Hearthfire will be out on the Xbox 360 on September 4 for 400 Microsoft points.

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So, its horse armor all over again.