Build Custom Creatures on Your iPad, Bring Them to Life Through 3D Printing

The latest entry in Autodesk's 123D line of 3D design tools, 123D Creature gives iPad owners the power to sculpt and paint their own three-dimensional creatures and then share them with the community, export them as a 3D mesh, or have them sent to a 3D printing service to be transformed into real stuff.

123D Creatures has a lot of depth for a tablet-based amateur design app, yet it somehow manages to keep things simple enough that a complete idiot could at least create a freaky alien-looking star creature (I tried). Those with more skill and time can craft intricate creatures with multiple limbs and rows of sharp teeth. Then they can use their own photos to give the horrific beast the face of an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.


For extra-added fun, once the creature has been baked and painted it can be sent directly to 3D printing service Sculpteo, who can bring your monstrosity to life and ship it to your door for a modest fee. Well, relatively modest—a five-inch skeletal star beast would have cost me a couple hundred bucks. I'll just stick to clay.

123D Creature is available on iTunes right now for the introductory price of $1.99. Get it now before it reverts to its default $7.99.

123D Creature [iTunes]

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