Designing a licensed stuffed animal is tough enough when you don’t have to worry about it being stuffed and sealed by retail employees. While he’s a little frumpy, Build-A-Bear’s Sonic the Hedgehog is filled with love, so he gets a pass.

Available now as part of a limited online bundle (via Polygon) but racing to stores December 3, Build-A-Bear’s first collaboration with Sega is much better than any stuffed animal I might fashion from cloth and fluff in my own home. His stumpy legs are fully-prepared to carry him rapidly towards his shiny plush ring accessory. The internet bundle comes with an art print featuring a much more streamlined version of Sega’s mascot, which Build-A-Bear Sonic can stare wistfully at during downtime.

Lower left: The old photo Sonic uses for Tinder.

Accompanying Sonic on his strange stuffed journey is a pre-filled Tails, looking slightly less rumpled.

If stumpy Sonic isn’t your bag, you can always just Build-A-Bear (it’s right there in the name) and buy it a shirt.


Sonic, Tails and Shirt should be available at Build-A-Bear stores across the country starting Saturday. They are lovely places, unless you go during pre-Christmas December.

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