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Bugha Wins Fortnite World Cup Solo Finals

Illustration for article titled Bugha Wins iFortnite/i World Cup Solo Finals
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite player Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf won the World Cup Solo finals today. The 16-year-old North America East player finished with 59 points and takes home a prize of $3 million.


The Solo finals kicked off with a concert by electronic music DJ Marshmello, which drew fans into New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium hours before the 1pm kickoff. Once the competition got underway, Bugha’s aggressive first game win put him top in the standings. He continued to play strong, going into game 6 with a 15 point lead and 18 eliminations.

The second place finisher, NA East player Psalm, scored 33 points and won a prize of $1,800,000. NA West player EpikWhale scored 32 points and took home $1,200,000. Fourth place was Kreo from NA East, with a prize of $1,050,000. You can see a list of all the standings here.

Illustration for article titled Bugha Wins iFortnite/i World Cup Solo Finals

Game 1 was won by Bugha, who scored nine eliminations and finished the round with a daring shockwave from low to high ground. Skite from Europe took game 2. NA East player Dubs won game 3 in a tense showdown with NA West player Riversan. Psalm won game 4, ending an impressive streak by European player Mongraal. Kreo won game 5. Game 6 was won by European player Crue.

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Hilariously, I’ve been seeing this story mentioned on CNN and BBC, and at least on CNN’s part it’s like “Can you believe it? This kid won $3 million playing VIDEO GAMES!”

Hell, when I was 16 years old Space Invaders just came out in Japan :)

Congratulations on a game well-played!