​Buggy Game Pulled From Steam, Funny Videos Remain

Yes, the following videos are from a game that is (or, was) available for purchase. Specifically, from Ashes Cricket 2013, which was released in a sad state and then unceremoniously pulled from Steam.


Rock, Paper Shotgun's got the whole story, and also shared this video from Matt Whitehorn:

I'm no Cricket expert, but I'm fairly sure that's not how fielding is supposed to work. (Luke knows more than I do, and he confirms.) Then there's this one, also from Mr. Whitehorn:


I've asked Valve and publisher 505 Games for more on why the game was pulled, and to give us a sense of when it'll be back on Steam. I'll update if and when I hear back.


(Via Rock, Paper Shotgun)

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I legitimately can't tell what is buggy about this and what simply is cricket. I had an Indian kid who tried to explain it to me every day while we were waiting for the bus together. He might as well have been explaining how to use cheese as a nuclear conductor.