The Insect Copulation Field Guide (昆虫交尾図鑑 or Konchuu Koubi Zukan) features illustrations of bugs bumping uglies. Illustrations that are causing a fuss online in Japan. People are saying they're copies.

Published on December 7 in Japan, the book was illustrated by a young Japanese art college student named Shoko Hasegawa.

Online, people are saying her illustrations trace other individuals' photos without permission.

Here are her illustrations compared with online photos.

Some appear to apparently be use used as references. Others appear to look like they could be traced.

As noted by GetNews, Twitter user @mushinavi, who has been raising these allegations, claims to have received an apology from Hasegawa as well as promises from her that she won't receive a single yen in royalty.


On Twitter, however, Hasegawa said she used images for consultation, but did not trace any of the photos.


東京藝大・長谷川笙子サン「『昆虫交尾図鑑』で印税ライフ!」→無断盗用で著作権者が出版差し止め請求へ [2ch]

Photos: 2ch, Hasepikon, 三次元大介@C85初日

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