Bubble Bobble Wii-visited For WiiWare

Bub and Bob will emit bubbles and bobble about in 2009 with a new, but retro take on classic Bubble Bobble gameplay. Famitsu spilled details on the WiiWare-bound game, which looks to go global.

Bobble Bobble Wii will pack in 400 old school-style stages in a WiiWare release that includes the original Bubble Bobble levels — the NES version is available via the Wii's Virtual Console — plus whatever else Taito can pack into 800 Wii Points worth of download.


Siliconera notes that the game will likely not be limited to Japan, as the German ratings board, the USK, has rated Square Enix's Bubble Bobble Plus! for Nintendo's console. More Bubble Bobble in 2009... count on it!

合計400ステージの大ボリューム『バブルボブル Wii』 [Famitsu via Siliconera]

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