Brütal Legend Still Has More Surprises, More Metal In Store

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Double Fine's metal epic Brütal Legend coming this "Rocktober," legal system willing, two painfully long years after its official announcement. So what's still left to say about the game? Plenty, according to creator Tim Schafer.


Following last week's announcement that Ozzy Osbourne would also appear in Brütal Legend—joining Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister, Judas Priest's Rob Halford and The Runaways' Lita Ford—we'd just assumed that was it, as far as legendary rock revelations went. Really, what's left after Ozzy?

We caught up with Mr. Schafer deep within the bowels of Kentia Hall to find out.

"There might be some more surprises. You never know," Schafer said. "Ozzy was a pretty big one. That was the very origin of my love of metal. Diary of a Madman was the first album I ever bought in 1981. Taking that actual physical album that I had and bringing it to the studio for him to sign it was a big, mammoth completion thing for me. So now I can just die."

"These are my personal favorite dudes: Lemmy, Rob Halford and Ozzy," Schafer said. "Those are my old heavy metal heroes."

But wait. There's more Brütal Legend news still yet to be revealed, including announcements about the game's voice actors that aren't Jack Black.

"We haven't really gone into too many details about our multiplayer," Schafer said. "Over the next few months we'll talk about that some more. Plus, there are some more really good actors in the game. And the soundtrack has not really been talked about, because of legal shenanigans with the rights."

"In Full Throttle we had, like, three licensed songs from one band. That was pretty easy," he said. "This has got a hundred or so. Maybe a million. Possibly a million songs. We ship it on an external hard drive. My own personal iPod ships with it."


Unfortunately, Tim's just making a funny. Would've been a nice golden ticket.


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