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Brutal Doom Creator Shows Early Footage of his New Doom 64 Mod

Illustration for article titled iBrutal Doom/i Creator Shows Early Footage of his New iDoom 64/i Mod

SGtMarkIV, the modder behind Brutal Doom, is working on enhancing Doom’s Nintendo 64 version in the same way he did the original. In a video, released earlier this week, he shows us where the project stands now.


Here’s the footage below. According to SGtMarkIV, it demonstrates “some basic stuff such as gibs, lightning effects, and brightmaps.”

The aim of Brutal Doom 64, like Brutal Doom before it, is to turn Doom 64 into a modern, slick, and gory shooter. This entails:

...[revitalizing] the old Doom 64 with new special effects, particles, lightning, gore, new sounds, more weapon animations (shotgun reloads, smoother minigun barrels, etc.) and monsters and stuff cut from the original Nintendo 64 version.


Brutal Doom 64 uses a PC source port of the original N64 game as base, and is currently still in a “very early alpha” state. SGtMarkIV doesn’t have a release date, and the project page has no downloads at the moment, but in the post accompanying the video, he did note that an official trailer showing some new enemies and weapons would be coming soon.

You can follow Brutal Doom 64 on Mod DB here, and play the original (and very fun) Brutal Doom here.

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Scuba Steeeve

Why does Brutal Doom continue to get so much attention from gaming sites when the incredible DoomRPG and Doom Roguelike Arsenal go unmentioned? Seriously, Brutal Doom has a really negative reputation among the core Doom modding crowd because of a few huge issues (taking other creators’ assets without giving credit, a brief and ill-advised time where the mod used cropped photographs of actual gore for its effects, etc.). It’s a fun mod and breathes new life into the game, sure, and I don’t mean to disparage it since the creator has shaped up his act, but it’s nowhere near the scope of DoomRPG, which adds an XP + stat system and missions, or Doom RL Arsenal, which has a weapon crafting system as well as its own monster pack. The two mods can even work together, whereas Brutal Doom pretty much clashes with anything that’s not just a standard map replacement.