From Chile comes another tragic tale of a sibling murdered over a video game console.

The BBC reports on an incident involving two brothers, aged 16 and 18, a PlayStation of undetermined number, and a kitchen knife. According to the report, the younger brother became angry when his older sibling turned on the PlayStation without permission. Enraged, the younger teen grabbed a knife from the kitchen and plunged it into his older brother's chest, killing him.


According to police, the youth told them that "things got out of control."


Of course the PlayStation isn't to blame here. The two boys were abandoned by their mother at a young age and lived in care for a decade, before being taken in by a Belgian woman, who was out of the country at the time of the incident. That sounds like the sort of rough life that can seriously mess with the psyches of a pair of young children.

Perhaps that should be the focus of the BBC story, and not a big shiny picture of a PlayStation 3.

Chile boy 'kills brother' over PlayStation row [BBC News - Thanks William]

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