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Brother Against Brother In Fight Night Champion

After watching the latest trailer Fight Night Champion's new narrative mode, Champion, four times, I'm still shaky on what's going on here. Andre Bishop, the protagonist, I recognize. His brother, I know, ends up in the ring. Who's scorpion guy?


Fight Night Champion producer Brian Hayes filled in IGN on the mode's themes and features without divulging much more of the story.

"Andre is an outstanding boxing talent. He and his younger brother Raymond are trained by Gus Carisi. Gus used to train their father, who was also a promising boxer at one time. Andre has tremendous potential and DL McQueen, a promoter, is bent on controlling his career. Andre and Gus aren't interested in working with McQueen and the story centers around the struggles Andre faces trying to reach his potential with a variety of obstacles thrown in his way."


IGN adds that Champion mode will be a linear story with no branching paths. "Don't expect to be faced with moral choices or to have the game change dynamically based on your performance in the ring," IGN writes. But the mode's challenges"will play out differently for each user depending on their skill level and playing style," Hayes told IGN.

OK, sounds good. Who's Scorpion Guy?

Fight Night: Build a Champion or Create Your Legacy [IGN]

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Er... Isn't that a movie? One that came out, like, a month ago?