Brooding New Elder Scrolls Online Breton Statue

If you loved the Elder Scrolls Online cinematic trailers (and how could you not, they're terrific), then you'll love Bethesda's latest statue: The Breton:


From Bethesda:

The Bretons of High Rock are one of Tamriel's many human races, both famed and feared for their mastery of magic and natural adeptness in the martial arts. Once ruled by High Elf overlords, it is said that Elven blood still runs in their veins, giving Bretons an innate grasp of magic that distinguishes them from the other human races.

The Breton has been crafted to meticulous detail, in full armor and brandishing his deadly sword. He casts a powerful presence as he strides forward with his robes billowing in the wind behind him. The finest details of his armor and weaponry are hand-painted and sculpted in polystone resin, while specially-made fabrics have been used to provide the most authentic feels for his robes.

He measures an impressive 16 inches tall from the base to the tip of his hood. The statue includes deluxe, full-color packaging, a hand-numbered base, and a certificate of authenticity.

Limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.

Dimension: 16 inches tall

Artist: Todor Korlev

Images shown are representative only and final product may vary.

You can preorder the statues now.


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