Broly Is Up To His Old Shit Again In New Dragon Ball Super Movie [UPDATE]

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Dragon Ball Super has ended its TV run, but no worries—the series’ next movie, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, is coming out in Japan before the end of the year.


We don’t know much beyond what’s shown in the official poster and the short teaser trailer that got released today. Broly, the Saiyan version of the Incredible Hulk, will be reprising his role as a giant dude who radiates green energy and has really small pupils. It looks like Goku and Vegeta will fight him. Probably the other Z Fighters will show up as well at some point, and all manner of existing power levels will be surpassed. The movie hits Japan December 14 and, if it follows the same timeline as the last one, Resurrection ‘F,’ it could come West sometime early next year.

The last time Broly starred in one of the movies, it was as a melting blob of green ooze in 1994's Bio-Broly, whose terribleness didn’t grace North American shores until 2005. Anyone who saw that mess couldn’t blame Toei for dragging its feet with the localization.

Hopefully this time things go different for the Legendary Super Saiyan.

[Update - 6:10pm, 7/12/18]: Funimation has announced it will be distributing the movie in North America and is currently planning on a theatrical release in January 2019.

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Its kind of fun seeing how split the internet is about Broly. I honestly didn’t know he got a reaction like this, but it makes sense. He’s got no character outside of being a rage monster, but other people like that about him, enjoy just seeing him beat the crap out of everyone.

...Poor Kale, though. I guess Toei realized the not-Broly experiment didn’t really work, and that she just works better as a teammate for Caulifla without the not-Broly thing.

Also, if we’re gonna be making characters from outside media canon.. wait, is this movie going to be canon? Have they said, or do we just have to wait until whatever Dragon Ball series comes next? Anyway, what I was gonna say was, bring Android 21 into the series proper. Even if her backstory has to be way altered from FighterZ.