Broken Fallout 3 Dojo: Fallout 3 Still Broken

Been sitting on this for a few days, just in case Bethesda managed to get their act together since Fahey's post, but the number of users affected and time that's passed is getting a little much. Seems Fallout 3 is still broken. It's broken on PS3, it's broken on 360, it's especially broken on PC. The console versions are still crashing and freezing and corrupting in various spots, while the PC version...well, where do we start. OK, let's start with my copy. I got my copy off Steam on launch day. Love the convenience. Anyway, when I picked it up, the game ran fine. Ran like a dream, on full settings, and I was having a blast. Then a patch was released. Steam being Steam, it installed the patch automatically. Now I can't play the game. I try to load any of my games and the game locks up. Lovely that a patch meant to fix things instead broke my game that, previously, wasn't broken at all. Course, that's just my story. PC gaming is rife with this sort of stuff, and normally, issues affecting one man aren't enough to kick up a stink over. But take a look at the game's official support boards. The 360 boards, the PS3 boards, the PC boards. It's not my game that's broken. It's a ton of people whose games are broken, across all three platforms, and they're broken in a variety of places (ie, this isn't a single issue, it's a wide variety of issues). Now, before we get too down on Bethesda, the same thing happened with Oblivion. Game was all kinds of broken, eventually patches came out, game stopped being broken, everyone got on with their lives. And the same will no doubt happen with Fallout 3. It's just a shame that, over two years on, people throwing down good money on a Bethesda game have had to put up with the same mess all over again.


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