Britney Spears, a Dancing Game and a $20,000 Bra

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I've been waiting for years to put a link at the bottom of a Kotaku story to the fabulous What Would Tyler Durden Do. Today, I get that chance.


It's the kind of news item you don't get emailed in the video games press business, but you certainly do in the tawdry celebrity press business: Britney Spears is not only appearing in a video game (Twister Dance, a cross between Twister and dancing), she is wearing a $20,000 bra while doing so.

These dancing games are fascinating. Ubisoft's Just Dance is one of the worst "games" of the last five years, yet it's also one of the best-selling because it involves girls, pop music and dancing. Ditto for this. Which, I guess, explains why the marketing is less about campaign length and multiplayer options and more about the "Eternal Love Bra" which "is embellished with 18K gold skulls set with diamond eyes, which hang from an 18K zip".

Those reading this far and wanting to read something about Britney Spears and more serious video games, check out this 2010 piece I did on her weird crossover with Japanese hack-and-slash Otogi.

Britney wore a $20,000 bra [WWTDD]



Britney Spears in a game? Never heard of such a....wait.